czwartek, 11 lipca 2013

Scary Cherry

I think when it comes to cherries everyone think - wow, yummy, let's eat it! I want more cherries!Oh, maybe not everyone literally, but many people. I am big fan of cherries! One of the favourite fruits definitely!

But watch out! This cherries are not ordinary ones! The big juicy red fruits are skulls! Should You be worry? Are these cherries are poisonous? Or simply these cherry skulls are decorations, and cherry itself is delicious as always?

Lucky you don't have to eat it this time, they are harmless - because they are just simple graphic design for Daisy O. Zazzle Store. They are available on many Zazzle products. Just click this link to visit the store, and enjoy few sample pictures below.

Sweet Cherries iPhone 5 Case
Sweet Cherries iPhone 5 Case by daisyO
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Sweet Cherries Card Deck
Sweet Cherries Card Deck by daisyO
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sobota, 4 maja 2013

Mexican Skeleton Musician or About Day of The Dead Again

For last few months I’m really deep into Dia de Los Muertos illustrations. I’ve drawn dozens of full color illustrations,, or just simple designs of sugar skulls, crazy beautiful catrinas or like in this case – skeleton musician – El Mariachi!

 I especially love this illustration. It’s pretty simple but has its charm. Skull with fancy mustaches, colorful painted face and sombrero. What a folk! With his accordion he definitely makes his point during Dia de Los Muertos celebrations :) It took me w while to make him, but I’m really proud of how he looks at the end.

His place is obviously in Daisy O. Zazzle Store among other Dia de Muertos illustrations. Check all products with this crazy scary Skeleton Accoridonist – t-shirts, mugs, post cards, bags and many others. All here!

Dia de Muertos Skeleton Musician Pins
Dia de Muertos Skeleton Musician Pins by daisyO
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czwartek, 11 kwietnia 2013

Dead Pin Up Girl on Scooter

I have a challenge right now.I love to draw skeleton pin up girls. And my challenge is to draw 12 of them to make a scary pin up calendar for the next year 2014. So far I made for of these spooky pin ups. We will see how it ends - I have some few moths left :)

One of these gals is pretty rockabilly scooter model. And she is definitely my favourite - one simple reason - I am huge scooter fan. I mean those vintage models of vespa or lambretta make my hear goes faster. I just adore those shapes and sounds of working engine. So, it is no surprise I made one of my scary girls to eb the scooterist. And she is a real beauty - flower in the hair, pink dress (with skulls & bones pattern!), high heels  and of course nice scooter. She is absolutely the best!

And she is available in Daisy O. Store on many products. Few obvious one like t-shirts or pin buttons or mugs,and few unusual like iPad sleeves, pacifiers for babes and kindle cases. So if like pin up girls and scooters, look no further - here you have something for you. Here is all offer, and below few sample products.
Skeleton Pin Up Girl on Scooter Case For The Kindle
Skeleton Pin Up Girl on Scooter Case For The Kindle by daisyO
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sobota, 23 marca 2013

Rockabilly Girl Skull

The idea for this design was very simple. I've just imagined that all the rock and roll rebels die before they even start their lives(Live Fast, Die Young - they say). I know it may sounds cruel and sad, but it was for me just abstract thought. I always think about idol of many, James Dean, who died in accident  in age of 24. The rebel without a cause.

So for me the skull of young rockabilly girl symbolizes the power of youth and opposition of all that society represents. Simple skull with black hair and eyelashes - cute but rebellious girl, she was. And I found her the place in my Daisy O. Riot Designs Zazzle Store.

You can aquire here t-shirts, mugs, buttons,belt buckles, all any subculture girl can imagine:) Check it out!

Skull of Rockabilly Girl iPhone 5 Cases
Skull of Rockabilly Girl iPhone 5 Cases by daisyO
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Skull of Rockabilly Girl Bags
Skull of Rockabilly Girl Bags by daisyO
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Skull of Rockabilly Girl Belt Buckle
Skull of Rockabilly Girl Belt Buckle by daisyO
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wtorek, 12 marca 2013

Sugar Skulls Pop-a-Top

Sugar Skulls are really great! Recently they became so popular, You can see them literally everywhere - t-shirts, mugs, mobile phone cases and of course as tattoo designs. Boom! Someday, Mexican sugar skull will be my choice for tattoo. I don't how big it will be, where will be located and who will made it for me, but still I'm pretty sure I'll have it near in the future.

Yeah, sugar skulls from Mexican Folk tradition, right now are part of mass pop culture, and nobody can deny it. And I don't see any reason we should. It's fine with me. Sugar skulls (or we can call it also candy skulls) are very nice designs, very colourful and eye-catching. No wonder they become so popular.

I made my small contribution to Dia de Muertos and skulls of sugar and I projected one of my own. My skull has colourful make up ( as it should has), lovely ( and also a little bit creepy) smile, and what is most important - it has exquisite, curly mustache - sign something unique. ( Did I mention I love mustaches also? ;)

As usual, it's possible to obtain many Zazzle products with sugar skulls of my idea. Sugar skulls t-shirt, Ipad cases, mugs, pillows, magnets, buttons and many, many more. All Dia de Muertos products in Daisy O. Store are available to purchase here. Take a look at few designed products below. Hope You'll like it!

Mexican Sugar Skull Belt Buckles
Mexican Sugar Skull Belt Buckles by daisyO
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piątek, 1 marca 2013

Respect Your Mother

Mother is one of the most important person in everyone's life. Mothers should be loved, respected and glorified at every step. My illustration is a humble try to glorify every day hard work of moms all over the world. In every culture, on every continent, mothers love their children and dedicate lifes to them.

My illustration is sort of the way to say "thank You" to all mothers on earth. Thank them for all the effort they put to properly raise their sons and daughters.

It is no surprise I drawn this illustration in old school tattoo style. This my favourite tattooing style and I really wanted to show my respect and devotion to mother in that particular way. I made sacred heart with fire and angelic wings, surrounded with ribbon. On the ribbon the text is written - Mom's Heart.

Mom's Sacred Heart is available on postcards, t-shirts, buttons, magnets and many more Zazzle products. You can check them all, clicking here. Below I present just few Mom's Hearts.

This is also nice gift for Mother's Day, but remember to love your mother not only on holidays, but everyday, everywhere. Mothers are the best!

Mom's Heart Post Cards
Mom's Heart Post Cards by daisyO
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Mom's Heart Custom Necklace
Mom's Heart Custom Necklace by daisyO
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Mom's Heart Round Stickers
Mom's Heart Round Stickers by daisyO
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wtorek, 19 lutego 2013

Our first Giveaway!!

It’s time for our first giveaway! Do You want some fancy t-shirt or awesome mousepad from absolutely FREE? All You must do is to LIKE our Facebook page and SHARE this illustration on your wall . One of those who will do it before the end of this week (midnight ECT 24.02.2013), we will draw lucky winner for 25$ gift certificate for products from our Zazzle Stores.
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